1996 Favorite TV Ad - Bottle Tea Sosro - Version "Samba"
1996 Jingle Favorite Radio Ramako - Tea Bottle Sosro Version "Day-Day"
1997 Image Advertisement (Gold) Tini Wini Biti Print Ad
1998 Image Advertisement (Silver & Bronze) Nasamex
Print Ad
2000 Nominated Image Serial Advertisement Campaign
"Direct Presidential Election"
2004 Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia
Copyright, Ad In Class Room Whiteboard, The First in Indonesia
2004 Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) Ad In Class
Room Whiteboard
2005 Museum Recor Indonesia (MURI), L’Oreal Paris
White Perfect Mobile Institute. The First in Indonesia.
2005 Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), Building Ad. The
Biggest in Indonesia
2007 Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), TELKOMSEL
Basketball Field Ad. The Most in Indonesia
2008 Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), SINAR DUNIA
Replica Rim The Largest Paper in Indonesia

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